Package weka.classifiers.neural.lvq.algorithm

Class Summary
CommonAncestor Date: 25/05/2004 File:
Lvq1Algorithm Description: Implementation of the LVQ algorithm used to construct a model for a given dataset
Copyright (c) Jason Brownlee 2004
Lvq2_1Algorithm Description: Implementation of the LVQ2.1 algorithm.
Lvq3Algorithm Description: Represents an implementation of the LVQ algorithm
Copyright (c) Jason Brownlee 2004
LVQAlgorithmAncestor Description: Common ancestor for LVQ algorithm implementations, specifically used for building models from training datasets
Copyright (c) Jason Brownlee 2004
Olvq1Algorithm Description: Implementation of the OLVQ1 algorithm.
Olvq3Algorithm Date: 24/05/2004 File:
SomAlgorithm Date: 25/05/2004 File: